Packwood, Warwickshire

Packwood is one of the National Trust’s three properties in the Forest of Arden. The sixteenth century grade I listed house is widely recognised for its striking topiary garden. What is less well known is the surrounding historic parkland.

We were commissioned by the National Trust to produce a Parkland Plan for Packwood as part of a Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England. Our study identified that the parkland, with its avenues and lake, has remained almost unchanged since 1723, and is almost certainly an important and rare example of a seventeenth century Arden landscape combining the aesthetic and agricultural needs of a country estate.

Our Plan has proposed a phased programme of avenue and lake restoration works, and woodland management, and has also made recommendations for increasing and enhancing visitors’ appreciation of the historic, ecological and scenic values of the park.

Our Contribution

  • Parkland Plan for Higher Level Stewardship

National Trust

Packwood, WarwickshirePackwood, WarwickshirePackwood, Warwickshire

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