About Us

The Nicholas Pearson Partnership LLP was established in 2011 as a separate specialist partnership, originating from a branch office of Nicholas Pearson Associates Ltd which has been working on historic landscapes since 1987. The Partnership comprises four partners and team based in Tiverton, Devon, encompassing a wide range of skills.  We also work closely with other specialist consultants and contractors.

Three essential priorities guide our approach to historic landscape conservation and management:

  1. Comprehensive historic research and site survey at an early stage to ensure a thorough understanding of the development and significance of a landscape.
  2. Identification of the essential qualities and character of an individual site, be they historic, visual, aesthetic, social, architectural, botanical or perceptual.
  3. Close cooperation with clients, head gardeners, local historians and other project team members to identify key issues and opportunities, and ensure projects have a sustainable future.


Nicholas Pearson Partnership LLP

East Timewell, Morebath, Devon EX16 9BY

tel: 01398 331444